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Mark Ireland Pianos Website

The up-dated website has been launched this Easter Weekend. There are a number of new features:

  1. New navigation layout
  2. Home screen now features products.
  3. Product pages now feature accessory prices (Customers can select accessories and see prices)
  4. The layout is now more mobile friendly
  5. There is a search feature  on the home page.

I hope this will make the site easier to use and more attractive. There may be some tidying up to do behind the scenes and further improvements will continue to be made.

Kawai CA-78 Digital Piano arrives in store at Mark Ireland Pianos

The brand new Kawai CA78 Rosewood Digital Piano has joined the others on display at Mark Ireland Pianos in Bristol. Along with the CA98, thes two models are designed with a touch screen interface for navigation of the many different sounds and editing functions on these two powerful pianos. You can also stream bluetooth audio from a music player. More information on the main website : CA78, CA98

digital-piano-kawai-ca-78-rosewood digital-piano-kawai-ca-98-panel

DIGITAL PIANO BRAND CHALLENGE – Can you match clip & brand?

Listen to the audio in this you tube video- Which digital Piano should I buy?

So- you think you might know which digital piano brand you are looking to buy? It’s fair to say that there are many different parameters by which we can assess a digital piano. Here is a little exercise to illustrate just the one parameter: the tone of the default piano sound. Each of the audio clips in the video is a recording of one of the four digital piano brands I sell. The recordings were made directly as a line capture with near enough the same passage of notes.

A good pair of headphones or monitor speakers is more ideal to hear some of the nuances in the recordings.

Even if you can decide which you like best, there are many reasons why you should visit the store and discuss further the possibilities- each digital piano has it’s own speaker system, keyboard quality and other functions. Having illustrated and intrigued you all with this conundrum – perhaps you need to assess the options in person, rather than relying on digital piano reviews.

The quiz just shows how vast the variety of options there are of digital pianos- I can help you decide!

Reduced – Digital Piano Display models for sale- Hot & Sunny Bargain time!

There are a number of display models for sale at Mark Ireland Pianos, a chance to get a bargain price new piano. The White CN25 and Black Kawai CN35 are two examples. The CN25 is further reduced today to £929. The CN35 is now reduced to £1149.  Follow the link to the CN25:

There are also deals to be had on CLP-545 Yamaha Clavinova Pianos. One rosewood model is available at £1499. It may be possible to purchase other CLP-500 series pianos- once they are gone though! Be quick to inquire if you are interested.

In other news: there are reductions in price on the Casio PX160- now only £449 and the PX360- now only £739. (These are good portable pianos !)

digital-piano-kawai-cn25wh digital-piano-kawai-cn35b-lounge

Piano shop -Bristol-Bath-Cheltenham-Gloucester-Newport-Weston Super Mare

Mark Ireland Pianos serves Bristol and the surrounding area with the best display of digital piano instruments in the region. The brands in stock include Casio, Kawai , Roland and Yamaha.

As a piano specialist the showroom environment is a comfortable place to enable you to make the correct choice of piano. Mark is nearly always on hand to assist in this complicated process, there are many factors to consider from the keyboard feel, the sample sound and it’s generation, speaker size, compatibility with technology and apps for performing and playing with and much more.

Take a look at the website or call for more information on 0117 9717116.

Customers visit from a wide area to see the amazing variety of pianos on display.

Check out our customer reviews on the google plus pages: View the customer reviews


Kawai ES8 – New portable piano

Kawai ES8 White- in room

Kawai ES8 White- in room

The new Kawai ES8 has arrived in store; following the successful ES7, this model boasts the RHIII keyboard action (like the CN25 & CN35) It also has the sound samples of the SK5 and EX Kawai Grand Pianos.

Click here to see product information

The Kawai ES8 in black is now on display at Mark Ireland Pianos in Bristol.

Call Mark on 0117 9717116 for more information.


Digital piano & Yamaha keyboard shop- Taunton & Somerset

Casio, Kawai, Roland and Yamaha Digital Pianos- in one dedicated Bristol shop!

Visit Mark IrMark Ireland Logo-smallcroppedeland Pianos-

New Models now in stock: Casio PX-160 & PX-760 & PX-860.

New models coming soon: Yamaha Clavinova Pianos- CVP-709 &CVP-705. Keyboard- PSR-s970.

So if you are wanting choice, help is available at Mark Ireland Pianos. Delivery is offered and many items are available from stock to take away.


Digital Piano shop- Cheltenham, Gloucester & Cotswolds Areas

Mark Ireland Logo-smallcropped

Based in Bristol, Mark Ireland Pianos has a wide catchment area for digital pianos and keyboards. As a specialist in digital pianos there are major brands: Casio, Kawai, Roland & Yamaha all on display. It’s easy to park by my shop, which is on the A4 between Bath & Bristol. I help guide you to a selection and offer full delivery services. Visit the website for information on products:, or give me a call on 0117 9717116.

To reach the shop from the Cheltenham area is about 45 minutes drive and well worth the visit. No other shop in the area offers as much digital piano choice.

New models coming soon from Casio- PX-760 and PX-160. Also Yamaha CVP-709 & CVP705 will be on display along with the new PSR-s970.


Kawai CA67 & Kawai CA97 – New Soon at Mark Ireland Pianos

Arriving Soon! New models from Kawai!

The Kawai CA67 is the latest upgrade on the CA65.
(There is a REDUCED CA65 in Mahogany available ex-display- call 0117 9717116- (Mahogany finish is now discontinued))

The Kawai CA97 is the latest upgrade on the CA95.
(There is a REDUCED CA95 in Rosewood available ex display- call 0117 9717116)

Picture is of the Kawai CA97- click on the picture for more information:

Kawai CA97 available soon from Mark Ireland Pianos







Kawai CA67 in satin white - available soon from Mark Ireland Pianos

Kawai CA67 in satin white – available soon from Mark Ireland Pianos

Kawai Virtual Technician -CN35, CN25 controller app

Easily manage settings and adjust parameters of your CN35/CN25 Kawai Piano from this ipad app.

Easily manage settings and adjust parameters of your CN35/CN25 Kawai Piano from this ipad app.

Many of the new apps can function with your digital piano using these two cables

Many of the new apps can function with your digital piano using these two cables


I have just tried the new ipad control interface app for Kawai’s CN25 and CN35 Digital Pianos. With an ipad in control the settings within the Virtual Technician of the piano can be adjusted more easily than through the menus on the piano itself.

Using a lightening to USB connector with a USB A-B lead the parameters change instantly. There is a screen for each of the icons in the top row starting with touch curve. The graphics are striking and easy to read and use.


The cables needed are shown here.

Some other apps can work wireless with a compatible dongle.



Easily manage settings and adjust parameters of your CN35/CN25 Kawai Piano from this ipad app.

Easily manage settings and adjust parameters of your CN35/CN25 Kawai Piano from this ipad app.